Lindridge-McDougall Memorial Cup
Pacific v UCS Old Boys at Queens College
Sun 06 Aug 2000
Lost by 5 wkts
Friendly fixture

UCS Old Boy's retained the inaugural trophy with a stunning victory in what was a compelling match full of high quality batting.

P: 283-5 dec. S Lay 100* J Campbell 85 T Mileham 59. D Garfunkel 17-4-57-2
U: 286-5. J Ward 135* A Ross 90* D Roberts 18-6-61-3.

Records tumbled as Pacific scored their highest ever total in their 658th match & yet it wasn't enough. There was a grumbling at tea that the total was too high, but the unbroken 6th wicket partnership of 208 clinched it with an over to spare. In Nigel Wilkinson's absence with a bad back, Hollman tried everything. Darryl Roberts bowled well in 2 spells & Ian Lay got gentle turn but the lack of a quality spinner was vital. Mike Alexander bowled a useful opening spell but his dropping Ross, with the ball coming at him hard, at mid on off Lay with 18 overs to go when he was on 23 was crucial. To compound Mike's misery his final over & the 4th from the end went for 18 - at which point the game was gone.

Hollman said" that was a pulsating game, Steve Lay, Tim Mileham & Jonathan Campbell were excellent but Jamie Ward's & Alan Ross' partnership was phenomenal. We missed a quality spinner or John Baglivi with his unerring accuracy because that pitch was a batters dream. I cannot take anything away from UCS though, they survived the odd scare but Jamie's 100 was chanceless"

P: P Hollman* B Hardisty J Campbell S Lay H Patel T Mileham+ J Hardisty D Roberts I Lay C O'Grady M Alexander

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