We Wus Robbed
Double Wicket Competition at Wray Crescent
Sun 05 Apr 2009 at 12 noon
Won by Rob Bastin
Intraclub fixture

The Double Wicket Single Winner Competition went ahead 10 minutes late in glorious Spring sunshine, a potential double booking was avoided & we kept a group of ad hoc cricketers waiting for us to finish & despite an administratiive cock-up with Jig being 19th man it was an excellent if exhausting day's cricket.

Sadly for the holder Jon Webley, his shoulder injury reoccured hindering hopes of retaining his title but the Robs Bastin & Allum impressed with their all roundedness pricing away the front runners Darryl & Naveej.

Rob A's innings batting in the 9th innings with James almost was enough but Alistair's excellent catch off a skier in the deep pegged back his challenge.

So before the scores, here's some stats:- Top Run Scorer was Rob Allum with 59-1 although Justin Roy’s 53 was the highest without loss.

No partnership was unblemished by wickets so Rob Allum’s & James Gleadow’s 101-1 was the highest.

Oli Haill & Justin Roy shared the 6 hits with 4 a piece,

Best bowling was Rob Bastin’s 4-0-20-3 & most economical was Chris Atkin’s 4-1-10-1

Given it was warmer than 08 & that some fielding practice had taken place in March, the standard was generally far better than 08 too. Despite 1 drop Oli Haill held onto 3 catches with doubles for Rob Bastin, Matt Holliday, Jon Brown & Alastair Pritchard. Vincent Croft & especially Naveej Vinod impressed with their brace of direct hit run outs.

Looking forward to seeing how this pans out into the Seniors v Juniors & the rest of the season beyond.

1st Rob Bastin 43.5 points

2nd Rob Allum 40.5

3rd Darryl Roberts 30.5

4th Naveej Vinod 23.5

5th Justin Roy 17

6th James Gleadow 16.5

7th= Oli Haill & Peter Hollman 12

9th Aroon Korgaonkar 7.5

10th Jon Webley / Luke Hollman 0

11th Chris Atkin -3

12th Matt Holliday -18

13th Ali Pritchard -22

14th Lucius Faisal -24

15th Matt Callender -32

16th Joe Bennett -33

17th Jon Brown -34

18th Vincent Croft -38

There will be 9 partnerships or 8 overs so that's 72 overs in the day. Everyone bats in their partnership for 8 overs & bowls 4 overs in 2 x 2 over spells. The rest of the time is fielding, resting, umpiring, scoring or lunching. If this hasn't put you off & you're still game then this is for you & if it's a day like today we'll have an excellent time.

The rules are runs scored as a pair is your total. Any wicket lost is minus 10 off your total which leaves you with your net total. This total is divided by 2 to derive your individual total. You bat as a pair so the better batter must shield his partner & rotate the strike as well score without losing a wicket. Those at the top of averages have determined that they bat with those at the other end with those in the middle batting with their compatriots.

Bowling. Any wickets you take will give you 10 runs onto your individual total. Any run outs, stumpings or catches will give the recipient 1 run too. Runs scored off the bowler are minus runs off the bowler's individual tally.

An example would be A with B scores 60 runs, twice out (-20) = 40. Therefore A has 20 (40 divided by 2). A bowls 4 overs takes 2 wickets (=20) for 40 runs (-40) = total of 0 or zero. + 1 catch , 1 run out & 1 stumping = a gross total of 3.

Pairs will be drawn in random order & will face 2 overs from 1 bowler from each group.

ie. Peter Hollman & Oli Haill could be the opening pair & will face 2 overs from Rob Bastin, Jon Brown, Matt Holliday & Rob Allum. 7 more players who will be fielding for those 8 overs including a keeper - again drawn randomly. Of the remaining 5, 2 will umpire, 1 will score, 1 will do the scoreboard & 1 will rest / lunch / help / etc

Just to add some interest & fun, any dropped catch or poor attempt (judged by the umpire) is a £1 to be collected at the end for the post match drink. I'm open to other suggestions or we can drop this idea if not popular

Batting Partnerships

Jon Webley Matt Holliday

Rob Allum James Gleadow

Justin Roy Matt Callender

Chris Atkin Joe Bennett

Darryl Roberts Naveej Vinod

Ali Pritchard Jon Brown

Peter Hollman Oli Haill

Rob Bastin Aroon Korgaonkar

Lucius Faisal Vincent Croft


1 Rob Bastin, Oli Haill, Darryl Roberts, James Gleadow.

2. Chris Atkin, Ali Pritchard, Jon Webley, Jon Brown & Aroon Korgaonkar.

3. Justin Roy, Matt Holliday, Peter Hollman, Lucius Faisal , & Matt Callender.

4. Rob Allum, Naveej Vinod Vincent Croft Joe Bennett

Reserves Justin Hess, Luke Hollman