Rees Tops Battle of Sha(y)nes
Double Wicket Competition at Wray Crescent
Sat 08 Apr 2006 at 1pm
Won by Shayne Rees
Intraclub fixture

At 1.10pm Rob Allum released the 1st delivery of the season which was duly despatched by Conrad Chandler for 4 past mid on & the season & the double wicket tournament had begun. The weather was bright & sunny if a little cold when the sun went behind the clouds & the wind came up but here were 16 cricketers who had waited 6 months since the defeat of the Wenlock at the same ground last October who were grateful it was just bright & dry.

Since then, the pitch had been re-laid, there was less bounce & if the pace wasn’t express, the track was as flat as ever – good news for all those putting in the net work in recent months.

This was the first time this competition had been run since 1993 when it was abandoned due to the rain but although the current holder Ian Amos was probably wrapped up warm in Nottingham, it was another all rounder Shayne Rees who cam away with top spot thanks to 47 scored off the bat & 3-16 from his 4 overs with the ball & totting up a total of 44.5 points. 2nd was the one bowler who did get big lateral movement Shane Mundie on 37 points & 3rd Oli Haill on 27.5 points. On a flight back to Aus on Monday will be the 4th placed Braden Grigg & a post match pasta sesh duly give him the send off he deserved.

Meanwhile, back at the game, to remind readers of the rules, the batters were split into pairs depending on their averages & bowlers into types & then averages so as to ensure batting pairs received as equable bowling as possible. Points are scored by the batters in their 8 overs for every run they score in their partnership which is then divided into half each BUT if either is out they lose 10 runs ! Bowlers lose 1 point for every run conceded BUT gain 10 for every wicket. Fielders receive 1 run for a catch or run out.

The batting partnerships scored as followed :-

Conrad Chandler & James Gleadow 58-5

Braden Grigg & Shane Mundie 82-2

Oli Haill & Rob Bastin 57-3

Shayne Rees & Adam Long 79-4

Jon Webley & Matt Calendar 63-5

Guy Wiehan & Chris Atkin 66-2

Peter Hollman & Allan Roberts 39-4

Jai Rajaraman & Rob Allum 91-4

Top individual score was Braden Grigg’s 58 although half centuries were also scored by Rob Allum & Jon Webley. On the bowling front, the only maiden of the day was bowled by James Gleadow but it’s the wickets that got the points & all but Peter Hollman picked up at least 1 although the day was all about fielding practice above all with a competitive edge & soft hands & a horribly uneven outfield meant this was a bit of a lottery. Nevertheless it was Oli Haill who was the only bowler to take 4 wickets & as a run out for Oli who missed most of 2005 with a stomach muscle injury he was obviously well on the way back with 4-28.

Next match is the Seniors v Juniors which features several new faces – should be interesting with the Juniors defending a record of only 2 losses in over 20 years but the sides are looking fairly even at the moment.

STATS corner. 1st Shayne Rees 44.5 points

2nd Shane Mundie 37

3rd Oli Haill 27.5

4th Braden Grigg 27

5th Adam long 16.5

6th Rob Allum 11.5

7th Guy Wiehahn 8

8th Chris Atkin 5

9 James Gleadow 2

10th Jai Rajaraman – 1.5

11th Matt Calendar – 4.5

12th Conrad Chandler – 6

Tied 13th Allan Roberts & Rob Bastin – 24.5

15th Jon Webley – 28.5

16th Peter Hollman – 51.5


Previous Winners.

1989 Craig Jones & Timothy Mileham (joint-winners)

1990 No competition

1991 Ben Hardisty (1st) Steve Hearsum/Jonathan Campbell (2nd)

1992 Ian Amos (1st) Brian Davis (2nd)

1993 Abandoned - rain!

1994-2005 No competition