All Set To Go Then?
Pacific v Highgate CC at Highgate CC
Fri 08 May 2020 at 1pm
Cancelled Covid-19
Friendly fixture

8th May good! Sorry – I’m getting there! Regards, Johan De Silva

Have you been wondering how the grounds are at Highgate? Our groundsman, Danny Juniper has all the details.


As I sit and write this, the heavens have opened and at last rain is falling on an out?eld that’s desperate for it. The other added bonus is that I’m not spending 4 hours a day moving sprinklers around the square in an attempt to keep some moisture in the ground. The square is now looking really nice as I’ve taken the grass height down to 15mm, and the re-seeded ends have really taken a hold in ideal growing conditions. 


More fertilizer is down today with an application of weed killer going down in 10 days or so to suppress the patches of clover that are starting to come through. Those that have passed will have also noticed that two wickets have been cut out. Optimistic, I hear you say, but more an effort to keep thatch down to a minimum through scarifying. 


Much thanks goes out to Steve B who is making headway with the removal of Rawson’s mound. JDS was against grassing it over and making a feature out of it so instead it’s been spread along the fence ?lling the many holes and dips. The area where the covers are usually kept is also being grassed over in an attempt to increase the boundary against the Hanley tennis courts. 


Well, that’s a wrap on another episode of notes from a small ?eld, apart from wishing you all well and see you soon.

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