Baglivi plays straight bat
Pacific v Locksbottom at Away
Sat 09 May 1998
Friendly fixture

John Baglivi made a case to be considered as a permanent opener as he top scored in this match played in summery conditions at last.

P : 158-4. J Baglivi 63. C Jones 45*. N Abbot 8-2-10-1
L : 121-7. P Blackledge 32. N Wilkinson 7-0-20-3.

He showed the required patience & was able to accelerate towards the end before being run out with 5 overs to go having batted for 125 minutes. Craig Jones also contributed well as a defendable total was sought. Circumspection prevailed as LB¹s bowlers failed to beat the bat with any regularity with the exception of left armer - Neil Abbot.

The tread carefully policy continued once Lb took their turn to bat, The bowlers however, did not let Steve Lay down. Nigel Wilkinson looked the most accurate as spinner Frank Baglivi looked to prize the door open. Peter Blackledge played an uncharacteristically responsible innings & was unlucky not to find a partner able to stay around long enough to take some risks. In the end, it was a fair result as both sides were unable to convert their initiatives into a true winning position.


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