Pacific v Mad Moraccas at Victoria Park Pitch 1
Mon 13 Jul 2020 at 5pm
Cancelled VPCCL Committee
Victoria Park Community Cricket League fixture

Season Start

Please be advised that, until such time as the VPCCL Committee receives permission from Tower Hamlets council to commence playing our games on Victoria Park, we are unable to start the season on Monday July 13th as planned.   

Despite all efforts on our part, we have not yet received permission from either the VP Parks Management team, or from the Pitch Bookings service.

The committee has regretfully taken the decision to delay the start of the season after considering matters including:


  • Public liability and insurance cover implications
  • Without confirmed bookings, we won’t have any rights should someone already be using a pitch, or if members of the public won’t vacate the area; we won’t be able to call on the parks team for support.
  • The park is being closed at 8pm sharp, with people being moved towards the exits from 7.45 (in quite a robust manner)
  • We wish to avoid any situation that could bring our players in to confrontation or dispute with Parks staff
  • Safeguarding our relations with Tower Hamlets and the Parks team. 


Could all captains and reps keep in touch with their opponents, and make themselves as ready as possible for whenever we do receive such permission – When we have the go ahead from the council, we will inform all teams immediately by email, with teams most immediately due to play by text and any other available formats.

If one team wishes to cancel at any point up until the day before their match, they will not be sanctioned.

We will look to reschedule any ‘lost’ matches if at all possible; otherwise the matches will be recorded as ‘no results’.