Not Mad enough to play after torrential downpour
Pacific v Mad Moraccas at Victoria Park Pitch 1
Wed 02 Aug 2017 at 6pm
Victoria Park Community Cricket League fixture

Yesterday's was indeed cancelled, writes Aroon. Robbie from Mad Morrocas got in touch yesterday lunchtime and suggested to cancel it and I agreed. We have agreed that we try and play on what would have been our original last game date and this is on the coming Monday (7 August). However I should clarify that after hearing from the Leagues Secretary, Gary Horsman, that this game is a friendly and that original league fixtures that are washed out can’t be replayed at a later date. So although I now pretty much have a team, the fixture will only be a friendly. Given that we lost a fixture earlier in the season and our original opponents for the last fixture (Goodsir Commercial) have pulled out I think that this is decent compensation.