Gane leads the way in record run chase
Pacific v Canary Wharf Royal CC at Hackney Marshes Pitch No 3
Sun 02 May 2021 at 1pm
Won by 2 wickets
North East London Cricket League

This was one for the ages. Records were broken. Sixes were hit. Runs were scampered. Sanitation breaks were observed. Bowlers were warned about their actions. This was truly a match that had it all.

Pacific won the toss, and elected to bowl - having seen how the same pitch last week had considerable demons in it at the start, before flattening out considerably, we hoped to take advantge of similar conditions this time around. A light smattering of rain had fallen just before the match started, which we also hoped would slow the outfield for the start of the Canary Wharf innings. Tom Gane and Ed Hart opened the bowling for PCC, and both produced good opening spells - Ed picking up the early wicket of Soni with a decent caught and bowled early on, just 6 on the board at the time. Unfortunately that proved to be the only wicket to fall for another 169 runs, with the CWR 2 and 3 settling in for the long haul. Korgy eventually provided the breakthrough, with his flighted deliveries bamboozeling batsmen - he picked up one bowled off his pads, and a sharp caught behind with good glove work from Kaleem. Jas had been excellent in the field all day, throwing himself about like a man possesed - several Pacificos were questioning what he'd had for breakfast, and if Her Majesties Constabulary might not have approved of it. He got the rewards with a sharp run out, darting an accurate throw in for Kaleem to whip off the bails after a slight mix up between the batsmen. However, this was a mixed blessing, as it brought an exceptionally gifted batsman to the crease - resplendant with thick Aussie accent and even thicker beard. He bludgeoned 65 off only 27 balls, and it looked like he'd taken the CWR score past the reaches of the Pacific chase - an intimidating 293 was our target to win. Reader, you would have been forgiven for betting against Pacific at this point.

The reply began well enough, some watchful work from Jas and Toby opening the innings, including a 6 from Jas that probably went at least twice as high as it did far - but the short leg side boundary was comfortably cleared. The partnership didnt last overly long though, as Jas fell bowled to the bearded Aussie, and Toby followed him back soon afterwards, beaten by a full delivery that shaped away from him to take his off peg. Tom Gane had been down to bat at 5 in the skippers list, but Kaleem needed a bit more of a rest for his calves after keeping wicket for 40 overs, and Tom exhibited the trait of a true clubman by volunteering to go up the order to 3. It is a decision he probably doesnt regret. The Welsh wizard was in masterful form from the off, with sweetly struck balls racing over the now speedy outfield to the boundary with great regularity. He needed to establish a few partnerships along the way - JD stuck around for a while for a nice 38, and James Soden showed why he's often punted up the order with a very useful cameo innings of 23. Tom had started speeding up after it looked like he might run out of partners - 6 PAcificos shared the wicket with him, and he found the boundary rope 15 times over the course of his innings, and cleared it by some distance for 3 big maximums as well. It was a scampered 2 that took him into three figures for his maiden century, and it was richly deserved. He added another 18 before being dismissed by a very sharp catch, the fielder just getting his fingers under a firmly struck ball at midwicket. Tom had done the hard yards, but there was still work to do, with another 50 or so runs required to best the CWR total. Harry Rix played some nice shots before being bowled looking to accelerate, which brought PBD to the crease to join skipper Garrett. PBD has what some might call an unorthodox cricketing style, having been raised on a diet of baseball rather than our summer game. Whatever drawbacks this might have for the more tricksy shots -  you're unlikely to witness his reverse lap, for example - it's more than compensated for the power he generates on a clean hit. His was a thoughtful innings, including a bludgeoned 6 (his first, we're told), and who knows where it could have ended if he hadnt run out of runs to chase. A boundary from Tim past extra cover brought the Pacific score to the required 293, and we had won - the highest succesful run chase in the clubs storied history. It was a fantastic team effort, everyone had contributed in one way or another. The bowlers can be slightly aggrieved with the length of some of their spells, but such is the way of turning up with 7 bowlers on an absolute road. Heads never dropped, despite the imposing target set, and it's a credit to the players that the victory came as such a complete team effort, everyone pulling their weight to get us over the line. This is one of the games that those who played it will remember for some time to come, and with a smile on their faces.  

Tom 'The Welshman' Gane


Canary Wharf Royal CC v Pacific
Toss won by Pacific
Canary Wharf Royal CC innings  R  M  B  4  6
Chetan Soni   c & b Hart   5  6  7  1  0  
NipakDas   b Korgaonkar   73  115  65  12  1  
Dhrumel Mahajar   run out Basi    91  100  123  13  0  
R Fernandes   c Luthra b Korgaonkar   23  20  28  6  0  
J Evadell   not out    65  33  27  5  3  
S Kumar   not out    1  4  1  0  0  
 Extras (b 0, lb 0, w 31, nb 3) 34    
 TOTAL (40.0 Overs) 292-4    
 Fall of wickets:  1-6 [Soni] , 2-155 [Das] , 3-195 [Fernandes] , 4-281 [Mahajar]
Bowling  O  M  R  W  
 Tom Gane   8  0  62  0  
 Ed Hart   8  0  42  1  
 Harry Rix   6  0  39  0  
 James Soden   6  0  42  0  
 Aroon Korgaonkar   6  0  41  2  
 Paul Davis   3  0  34  0  
 Tim Garrett   3  0  32  0  
Pacific innings  R  M  B  4  6
Jasbir Basi   b Everdell   11  22  22  0  1  
Toby Chasseaud   b Everdell   16  41  22  2  0  
Tom Gane   c Mahajar b Vikram   118  128  93  15  3  
John Deighan   c Kaithi b Soni   33  40  34  4  0  
Kaleem Luthra†   lbw b Soni   2  8  6  0  0  
James Soden   b Das   23  46  27  3  0  
Ed Hart   c Everdell b Das   1  9  4  0  0  
Harry Rix   b Soni   8  18  8  1  0  
Tim Garrett*   not out    16  24  13  3  0  
Paul Davis   not out    12  9  8  1  1  
Aroon Korgaonkar   did not bat    0  0  0  0  0  
 Extras (b 7, lb 2, w 43, nb 3) 55    
 TOTAL (39.0 Overs) 293-8    
 Fall of wickets:  1-23 [Basi] , 2-50 [Chasseaud] , 3-122 [Deighan] , 4-130 [Luthra] , 5-221 [Soden] , 6-239 [Hart] , 7-244 [Gane] , 8-269 [Rix]
Bowling  O  M  R  W  
 V Vikram   8  0  55  1  
 Everdell   8  0  32  2  
 Kaithi   2  0  33  0  
 S Kumar   7  0  53  0  
 Soni   6  0  37  3  
 Mahajar   3  0  24  0  
 Rizvi   1  0  14  0  
 Das   4  0  32  2