Neil out-foxes Crossbats
Pacific v Crossbats at Moor Mead
Sat 26 Sep 1998
Won by 123 runs
Friendly fixture

Crossbats' Captain, Alistair Wright inserted Pacific after winning the toss in the knowledge that his side were looking for their 8th win on the bounce to finish their successful season in style.

P : 243-8 dec. P Hollman 94 S Lay 93 Burch 9-0-44-4
C : 120-10. A Carter 51. N Fox 14-1-60-4 D Roberts 10-1-37-3

202 runs &144 minutes later, seamer, David Burch picked up Crossbats' 1st wicket, Captain Peter Hollman (94) who with Steve Lay (93) had scored Pacific's 3rd highest ever partnership, just 10 runs short of the Club record. It was nervous 90s for Steve too as he was 3rd out with the score still on 202, caught & bowled Jones, 7 runs short of his century. Finally, the bowlers had broken through & wickets continued to fall as Captain, Peter Hollman looked towards a total of 250 to declare on. 8 wickets fell for 35 runs in the attempt. Burch picked up 4-44 from 9 overs.

It was a flat track & the crucial early breakthrough came via the quick swing & seam of Darryl Roberts 3-37 & Neil Fox 4-60 respectively. Alan Carter (51), provided the main resistance but Hollman picked up that vital wicket too. With 8 overs to spare Mike Alexander completed an excellent team performance trapping Perdue plumb on the back foot.

Peter Hollman said "I was delighted with our performance, again the bowling & fielding was magnificent & the boys did everything I asked, chasing quick runs earlier. This was our 4th win this month & I wish we had played like this more from the beginning of the seasonĂ‚Â².


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