Tube Strike Casualty
Pacific v Masiha at Victoria Park Pitch 1
Wed 10 Jun 2009 at 6.15pm
Victoria Park Community Cricket League fixture

Hi everyone Sorry to change things yet again, but the game is now off. The oppo captain has just called me to take up the offer to call a no result and share the points. As I had offered, I couldn’t really force them to play or forfeit. They are experiencing severe difficulties with transport. Many thanks for your patience over the last few days. Thanks Shayne

Pitch 2. Just a quick update on where we are with tomorrow’s game. We have a full side that should beat the oppo. James and Pete come with injury related performance caveats, but not have 2 fielders creates enormous gaps and short batting line up and almost always ensures a loss!

So I’ve asked the oppo whether they’d be happy calling a no result this afternoon due to the tube strike, compounded by the terrible weather forecast. This wouldn’t impact our standing in our conference division – we would still have to beat a strong oppo in next week’s match to finish second.

Fro reference, the team is now: Justin Roy* - confirmed Rob Bastin+ - confirmed Jon Webley – confirmed David Morahan – confirmed Darren Tempany – confirmed James McDonnell – confirmed Pete Alexander – confirmed but walking wounded with some bowling ability James Gleadow – confirmed as walking wounded to take up space in the field Possible – Peter Hollman (if weather cancels Luke’s game), Shayne Rees (if can get out of a conference event and cycle in) Thanks for making the effort so far. I’ll let you know as soon as I do about the game. Thanks Shayne