Wash Out Spares Wash Backlash
Pacific v Washington at Broxbourne Sports Club
Sun 19 Aug 2007 at 1pm
Friendly fixture

The pummelling recieved earlier in the season had been fully due to be reversed by the strong XI Jon Webley had raised bolstered further by the return of Braden Grigg. A typical Summer 07 Sunday put paid to that notion.

11.10am. Message from the Broxbourne Sec is that the ground is too wet & as it's still raining the game wil not be able to go ahead. Within 5 minutes of the call, the rain stopped & the sun is starting to poke through....

The Captain has deliberated & I am his messenger. He has selected an XI of Full Members who he hopes will arrest our current slump in form , only a 1 run win is our only win in 9 games. Also the Washington away match last month was humiliating. 2005 was our last win against them & they won't be pleased to see who's back !

The XI are:- Rob Bastin+, Matt Holliday, Adrian Duthie, Oli Haill, Shayne Rees, Peter Hollman, Sammy Purcell, James Smith, Jon Webley*, Ben Gibson & Braden Grigg; 12th's Joe Bennett, Moses H Pascal.

If you need transport or can offer it, please make it known. FYI I can give up to 4 people a lift up BUT am not coming back to London ! It's a 1pm start so please make arrangements to be there by 12.30pm at the latest. Shayne has the kit & I have the scorebook

PS Commiserations to Joe, & Moses who have missed the cut. If anyone does have to withdraw then it goes without saying that you will be called upon first therefore if for any reason you are no longer available please let me know. Apologies again.

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