Too Waterlogged for Webley
Seniors XI v Juniors XI at Wray Crescent
Fri 14 Apr 2006 at 1.30pm
Intraclub fixture

The Juniors Captain braved the drizzle & visited the ground & determined that there was too much casual water. Biggest challenge of the day was finding a way to tell everyone !

UPDATE. A new day for this traditional of curtain raisers which will take place on Good Friday.

22 all signed Up:- THE SENIORS

Adrian Duthie 3/4/64

Rob Allum 15/3/64

Lucius Faisal 3/4/64

Miles Picknett 16/9/65

Neil Roy 25/2/66

*Jim Davies 13/4/66

Tim Marshall 15/4/71

Dougal DeKeller 2/9/71

Justin Parkinson 21/1/74

Richard Cooke 4/12/74

Jai Rajaraman 24/5/76


Alex Tomlin 11/10/76

James Smith 21/6/77

Ben Pheazy 28/10/77

Oli Haill 23/8/78

Chris Atkin 17/12/78

Rob Bastin 30/11/79

Moses Hutchinson-Pascal 29/9/80

*Jon Webley 15/1/81

John Robson 23/3/82

James Gleadow 13/8/82 &

Adam Long 3/12/84

Jim to captain the Seniors, Jon W the Juniors.

PS 1st reserve Dinesh. 2nd Charlie Davids

Please arrive at the ground by 1pm. Bring your own tea. no metal spikes on the new pitch please. Enjoy.

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