Plug is Pulled ..But too late
Pacific v JP Morgan Chase Bank at Highgate CC
Thu 28 Aug 2003 at 5.30pm
Evening friendly

Captain Peter Hollman discusses the aftermatch with his opposite number after he's quizzed about the light at 4.12pm in the City "What do you think? currently raining but getting brighter . not sure how good the light will be this evo?"

The reply went... "Thats the sort of question I thought we'd be discussing at the ground. Seriously though, I left at 4pm in preparedness & I only got 2 calls from my own team asking whether it was on so we all turned up. When it was evident that you knew something we didnt, we had a 7 a side game against Highgate before it began to ran again at 7.30 & we got kicked off. I was certainly wishing that you'd asked for my mobile number though......"

XI:- P Hollman* J D Hardisty T Duckett D DeKeller S Emmins+ D Gluckman P Attwood H Patel R Bastin M Alexander J Brown