Chasseaud slowly empties the pool hall
Wed 19 Jan 2022 
Club news item

After a year off in 2021 due to Covid lockdown, the might of Pacific CC (well, seven of them) finally returned to Haringay Snooker Club on Green Lanes with newly re-elected social secretary Ben Burnham defending his Pool Champ title. But, as things turned out, he would only win a single frame all evening (against Rahul) and end up propping up the bottom of the table.


Meanwhile Toby Chasseaud, winner of the 2017 pool comp, worked his way through the gears – well, he got up into second gear at least – slowly dispatching each opponent that stood before him. His cueing style was likened to his batting, not so much emptying the bars as emptying the snooker hall as, one by one, defeated Pacificos sloped off to the nearest kebab house and out into the night. Many of them had come close to beating the eventual champion, only to lose on the black.


By the time Chasseaud finally beat Tim Garrett in the grand final, only a couple of die-hards – Benbob and Phil Smith – were there to witness it.


Benny B, feeling that surely something must go his way, promptly challenged Chasseaud to a wager match for £20, and lost that, again on the black. The new champion had somehow managed to not lose a single frame all evening.


Earlier in the night Lady Luck had deserted Philbert when, in a play-off with Aroon Korgaonkar for a place in the semi-finals, he potted the black only for the white to then slowly trickle into a pocket too. Rizwan Siddiqui had finished the group stage in second place but fell to Timbob in the semi-final.


The final table:


1st: Toby Chasseaud 

2nd: Tim Garrett 

3rd: Rizwan Siddiqui 

4th: Aroon Korgaonkar 

5th: Phil Smith

6th: Rahul Ravikrishnan

7th: Ben Burnham

Toby Chasseaud lines up the black