The autumn festival
Sun 10 Oct 2021 
Club news item

As ever, Pacific will be playing on through the Autumn & this year possibly until the first frost arrives proper! The withdrawal of access to Wray Crescent on Sundays despite the delay to the planned demolition of the pavilion & installation of the new James Gleadow funded pitch has meant a relocation to Hackney Downs. So it's Wray on Saturdays & HD on Sundays all the way. Indeed, the taking down of the fencing at Wray on 31st October means it's possible for the season to go on longer if the weather remains Clement & the players are still willing. This currently remains under discussion but 1 match in November is a realistic ambition. We'll have to see as last year the Nov 7th game was cancelled due to Lockdown #2 just 3 days before it was due to go ahead & naturally the weather couldn't have been more accommodating. So maybe it will this year be too! Meanwhile, I hope all those teams playing this month enjoy it & the October cup also seems to be back on track. The short term forecast is also playing ball with some sunny temperate days to look forward to & a lot less humid than our compatriots in Abu Dhabi. Hope to see all the usual support & the players stay keen & Enjoy those early evening post match beers & my favourite time of the season.