10 Clamber Pinner Hill
Wed 21 Jul 2021 
Club news item

2021 Pacific Golf Tournament at Pinner Hill Golf Club 21st July.

Beware this is a horribly tainted perspective because the writer recorded his worst round for 1 year when the same total was “achieved” on 14th July 2020 - Also at Pinner Hill. The last time a worse one was experienced was on 18th November 2017 at the Forrest of Arden 135 rounds ago.

So thanks to the reigning champion Luke Hollman selecting it!

TBF the course was in excellent nick & conditions were ideal if ridiculously hot but as ever some players coped better than others on the slopes & cambers & undulating greens.

& the spoils were spread around which is always great to see.

We went out in 3 groups.

Group 1 Jon Webley soon to depart these shores & picked up Nearest to the Pin on the 4th, Adrian Duthie who was the only player to keep his ball the whole round. In fact that was 4 rounds on the bounce with the same ball. Impressive. Adrian also picked up a share of the front 9 with Darryl Roberts with 17 points. But he was also over all joint winner with Steve Emmins with 34 points. 

 Group 2 was the group of youth* which the writer snuck into. The 2 biggest hitter & the biggest slicer. Maybe Luke regretted selecting the yellow tees but Alex Jessop-Emmins was the only one to keep it in the fairway on the par 5 1st (2 other players lost theirs) & announcing the players’ names off the tee had no affect on the young man.

The final group included our most experienced players + James Smith & Craig Jones. Craig continues to improve & as the highest handicapper will one day score the best. James suffered from the heat as much as your correspondent. Better days lie ahead. Meanwhile Tony Tambyrajah strokes it down the middle & regularly picks up the points but perhaps the course with its’  cambers was too long & too tough. This left the venerable Steve Emmins who continued his recent modest form before suddenly going through the gears & racking up a back 9 winning 19 points & share of the points high with Adrian of 34. Impressive. And only losing out to Adrian on strokes by only 1 shot.

Congrats then to Adrian as the net stroke winner which he last won in 2019 & is his 6th title overall - Allan Roberts leads with 11.

We now look forward to Adrian’s selection for 2022 as the winner has to choose the course with the only proviso being that it has to be played on one not previously used.

1st Adrian Duthie 95 strokes 34 points

2nd Steve Emmins 96 / 34

3rd Darryl Robert's 99 / 29

4th Tony Tambyraja 106 / 29

5th Luke Hollman 108 / 26

6th Alex Jessop-Emmins 109 / 23

7th Jon Webley 110 / 22

8th James Smith 113 / 20 

9th Peter Hollman 118 / 13 

10th Craig Jones 125 / 20


Group 1 Hot & Weary but crucially still smiling