Hackney cricket campaign
Fri 16 Apr 2021 
Club news item

Hello Cricketer,

My Name is Troy Utz. I’ve played cricket in Hackney since 2008 and have been Club Captain at London Fields CC, 2019-20.

I believe that there are two important issues affecting cricket in Hackney. I want our community to work with the Council to address them:

1. Clarity about the resumption of cricket at London Fields. Amongst other things: with what criteria are decisions being made and how can we work with the council to facilitate it remaining open to weekend cricket as it has been prior to Covid. Our aim is to support measures to make cricket viable as soon as is possible. We also want to highlight the heritage of cricket at LF, the community that plays there and the contribution the charity event has made over the years.

2. Increase the number of outdoor cricket nets in Hackney. Currently it stands at 4 (Hackney Marshes). 

What I need from the cricket community:

This is a long process that will hopefully culminate in an online petition, detailing our proposals, that is presented to the council.

I want to form a working party of people who are willing to help and or have skills in any area that will make this process more effective. I already have the support of Middlesex CCC who are affiliated with Hackney (and other London) Cricket. They were involved in the works that have gone on at the Marshes and they work with councils to promote cricket as they see a need or when they are approached with a need (our situation).

One of the first jobs is to gather the names of ALL cricket clubs stationed and/or playing regularly in Hackney (NELCL and friendly only) and to gather the numbers of members from each. Could you help with this? 

If you want to be part of this in any way, please contact me directly with NAME/EMAIL/PHONE/CLUB/ANY PARTICULAR AREA OF EXPERTISE. I will set up communication channels for the assembled group and we can get to work.

Troy Utz (LFCC)

From 2009


Afterthought win in 2009