Votes have been counted and in no particular order…
Mon 15 Feb 2021 
Club news item

Announcements of the winners will be made on the 28th February on an online meeting unless restrictions are being relaxed & they can be awarded in person then or soon afterwards which we should know on the 21st. 
Meanwhile here's some stats to keep you going.
21 people voted of the 44 players used in 2020. 
The top 9 most appearanced players all cast their votes.

There were 7 candidates for Player of the Season, The top 4 received 109 out of the 117 cast

There were twice as many candidates for Most Improved Player. A reflection of those players' improvement from 2019 & a strengthening of the depth in the squad due to those who continue to improve. 

Votes for Fielder were spread across 11 candidates. Another sign that the team continues to improve if 11 are nominated & that you don't have to be the keeper to impress.

Best Newcomer. 6 nominations. Half of them appearing in other categories is a great sign for 2021.

James Gleadow Clubman. This contributor humbled to receive your acknowledgment & votes but there were 5 other candidates & 2 of which I agree deserved this award more.

Names have now been sent to the Engravers & the perennial Player of the Season Shield recalled. Watch this space for more updates & thank you to those of you who took the time to send in your votes.

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