Picknett the Pick of a Bad Bunch
Pacific v Oxford University Club at Oxford Univ Club
Fri 02 Aug 2002 at 2pm
Lost by 6 wkts
Friendly fixture

Pacific were well beaten by a more motivated and focussed opposition in the inaugural encounter between these two clubs. Pacific's batsmen failed to put enough runs on the board to give the bowlers any chance to put pressure on their opponents.

P 133-10 (35.3 overs). M Picknett 42. Price 7-2-20-3.

OUCCC 135-4 (24.3) Clark 34*. J Davies 4-0-14-2

A hastily prepared - i.e.. 3 week old - pitch was used following bad weather in the build up & the Aussies & South African Rhodes scholars in the Oxford Club attack produced an excellent disciplined seam attack on it - making run scoring very difficult. Backed up by excellent fielding – 5 bowlers picked up wickets headed by Price with 3 lower order wickets.

Miles Picknett Miles Picknett adapted his game of patience & shot selection, & without his 42 Pacific would have been stranded as 2nd top scorer was Hollman (13).

In reply Pacific were unable to bowl with the same accuracy - although Alexander picked up a deserved wicket early on. Davies' late introduction to the attack brought two wickets in his first over. There followed the drop of the season - as a skyer off the bowling of Davies hung in the air for an age before dropping a few yards between point and gully - without either fielder having moved! In the flurry to win with comfort though, Mike Alexander's excellent catch at long on to dismiss Cullis's attempt to hit a 6 to win the game slowed their inevitable victory charge.

Shayne Rees "We lost to a much better side on the day - and a much younger one! The way they ran out of JC - and the catch he missed because he was on his mobile - summed up the difference in our respective fielding efforts. It was no surprise to hear that they fielded their strongest XI in 2 years for this game." said all-rounder Jim Davies immediately after the game. "I'm glad we arranged this new fixture though - they are a very hospitable bunch and we hope to be back next year to give a better account of ourselves" he concluded.

Pacific: Mike Alexander, Paul Attwood, Jonathan Campbell, Jim Davies, Matt Holliday, Peter Hollman, Ian Lay, Steve Lay*, Matt Patel, Shayne Rees, & Miles Picknett

Maharishi Mike Alexander
The Venerable Maharishi Mike Alexander

Anthony O'Dea of OUCCC writes:

5 Australians, 4 South Africans. 6 Rhodies. I was pretty confident that we were a chance to win.

Bumby liked the look of the three week old wicket, mostly because someone had thought that a good way to spend a Thursday evening was to light a bonfire under the covers. The burnt patch didn't really affect the game - not as much as Bumby's footmarks did anyway. Watto and Bumby removed an opener each. Numbers 3 and 4 looked like they were better batsmen, but struggled to score off Matt. Bokka struggled due to aforementioned craters but did pick up a couple of wickets. Mike claimed 3, and Stanton rewarded the captain's confidence by picking up a couple at the end. All out for 133.

Less than 3 and a half per over wasn't going to be enough. Quentin and Closey started well, although Closey couldn't help but play himself into trouble with back foot shots. He eventually went LBW. Watto and Quentin resumed their solid partnership, keeping us well ahead of the required rate. Apparently a mid-pitch discussion about staying in until drinks was their downfall, as both went in the same over. Rich and Bokka carried on, Rich continuing his devastating form. Someone said Bokka was struggling, commenting on the oppo bringing the field in when he was facing. He promptly smashed one for 4. His maths let him down when we were on 127. He hit a 4, then went for a 6 to win it. Rich did the honours with a 4, Mike watching from the other end for a solid not out, no balls faced.

Very decent turnout at the Turf, including the oppo. After they kicked us out, some of us went back to Manny Road for the free, lukewarm beers in the kitchen. I got home a bit after 4.