VPCCL Bowls Tournament
Fri 28 Jun 2019 6pm - 9pm
Diary entry

Hi All, Some of you might know that I am delivering a pilot regeneration project at the Victoria Park Bowls Club this Summer. For those who don't know, the bowls club is on the other side of the path to the nets - behind the trees. As part of this project, I am able to host the inaugural VPCCL Bowls Competition This will be at the Bowls Club on the evening of Friday 28th June 6-9pm. The competition (I use this term lightly) is open to any of the teams in the league - possibly on a first come, first serve basis - depending on how many teams and their players wish to attend. I might also have to restrict team numbers, but let's not complicate things just yet. If interested (and you don't have to have ever played the game before), then please get back to me with your team name asap ..... it being only three weeks away Also ..... I am also hosting a Pub Bowls competition a week later on Friday 5th July 6-9pm. If any of you would like to enter a pub team, then please do let me know Many regards Gary Horsman (Homerton CC) Secretary Victoria Park Community Cricket League 07803 124492 garyhorsman@icloud.com vpcclsecretary@gmail.com www.vpccl.co.uk