Pacific v Hoddesdon at Hoddesdon CC
Sun 29 Apr 2018 at 1pm
Cancelled Pavilion down
Friendly fixture



A note from Hoddesdon:

Morning Pete
Just had confirmation that the electrical contractors will be working on ground on 29th so sadly will have to cancel our game.
Do you have any blank dates available?


A previous note from Hoddesdon:

Morning Peter Just to let you know that I've just been informed that electrical contractors who are carrying out a complete rewire of our pavilion are likely to be on-site on the day we play you. They are also digging a trench along the boundary edge to supply electric to the scorebox. If this goes ahead we will be unable to have any game that day due to health and safety reasons. I will know later today and will let you know either way. Apologies for this. We've been waiting months for this and they start at the beginning of the cricket season! Regards Alan