Middlesex and Essex League Social and Presentation
Fri 08 Apr 2011 8pm
Diary entry

James G & Justin representing us. If anyone else would like to go please let them know.

15 pounds per club
Dress-very casual!
No maximum numbers (most clubs would prob send between 3 and 8, at a guess.

please do get back to me as we need an indication of numbers. Address is Rear off No1 Kenmare Gardens, Palmers Green, London N13 5DR Friday 08 April 2011, start time is 8pm I await your confirmation.

The League Chairman wrote"The league social at Mayfield and the 2011 season is looming. Ravi, I wonder if you could you give us some details about what time you want us to arrive and what contribution you would like from clubs towards the cost of the excellent buffet (if it is anything like last year!).

Chigwell has the cup in the trophy cabinet at the moment, so I suggest we organise the engraving and buying of the individual awards for batting bowling and wicket-keeping at the same time.

I'm very much hoping that some members of our new clubs Pacific and Orsett will be able to attend. It will be an excellent opportunity to meet and greet, and to chat about how things work.

To that end I will (I promise this time...) produce a guide to the League rules and playing conditions for all clubs to refer to. I hope also to set up a basic website where these things can be downloaded and information exchanged. I'll keep you posted and send a draft for comment when I can.

In the meantime, the most important thing for new clubs to do is to make sure you are fully registered as league members on the www.play-cricket.com  website and to please let me know who should be nominated as the person who will input results of matches.