Wray Crescent

An approximate postcode is N4 3LR ------ Parking near our Wray Crescent ground is quite tricky so it might be best to come by tube. It's about a seven-minute walk from Finsbury Park underground station: DIRECTIONS FROM THE TUBE Make sure you come out of the WELLS TERRACE exit of FINSBURY PARK tube. Turn left out of the tube so you're walking down Wells Terrace. After a minute's walk, you'll get to Fonthill Road. Turn right, so you're walking along Fonthill Road. In a few minutes you'll hit a road called Tollington Park. Turn left down Tollington Park. After a couple of minutes, turn right down Turle Road. After a minute's walk, you'll see our lovely cricket ground on the left. (see improved googlemap on the link below) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FREE PARKING (written by Garry's missus) I presume you have general directions to the club. You need to go 2 roads up: Turn right out of the front entrance of the park on Thorpedale Road, take the 1st left then carry on 'til the end of the road. Now take a left and then an immediate right you will be on Ormond Street - any of the roads round this area (not Hanley) are free to park on a sat - no restrictions (although as it's London always check the nearest sign.)--------------------------------------------------------------------- It's an artificial wicket, so no spikes please.

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