Grimsdyke Put Ing-Er-Land 1st
Pacific v Grimsdyke at Broxbourne Sports Club  Sun 27 Jun 2010 at 1pm
Won by walkover
Middlesex Sunday League

All our attempts to secure this match by introducing a 2 hour tea interval to accomodate some of our own players but in particular this league opposition were thwarted on Friday tea time when the opposition finally succeeded in communicating that they had only 5 players.

The failure of this team to take full responsibility for this unilateral (in)action, coupled with the absence to offer to cover Pacific's incurred costs were compounded by the "offer" to "share the points & reschedule the game."

On the hottest weekend of the year where we have no match because it was too late to secure an alternative & our players are deprived of a match that they look forward to all week only leaves any further civil comment uneccessary.

This isssue will now be flagged to the League organisers as we seek an apology & full recompense.


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