Hugh are ya?!
Double Wicket Competition at Wray Crescent  Sat 10 Apr 2010 at 12 noon
Won by Hugh Teesdale
Intraclub fixture

Rob Bastin was unable to defend his title on a warm spring day. It was a lovely day rounded off by a visit to the White Lion. Darren and Lucius both struck sixes over the pavilion and Lucius took the catch of the day with a fine diving effort in the deep. Going as the last pair Darren struck 94 in a partnership of 105/3 with nine year old Hugh but Hugh had outdone Darren with the ball to claim victory. James and David were the only pair not to suffer a dismissal with a stand of 52.

Hugh Teesdale 33.5

Darren Tempany 17.5

Shayne Rees 17

James Gleadow 16.5

Peter Hollman 11.5

Stuart Hopper 8.5

Chris Barber 7

David Barnard 5.5

Lucius Faisal -2

Joe Bennett -6

Sam Parkinson -8

Chris French -11

Jon Webley -14

Stephen Richards -14.5

Rob Allum -16

Luke Hollman -18

Doug Teesdale -26.5

Matt Holliday -28

batting pairs:-

Jon Webley & Joe Bennett

Darren Tempany & Hugh Teesdale

Lucius Faisal & Luke Hollman

Sam Parkinson & Matt Holliday

Chris Barber & Shayne Rees

Stephen Richard & Stuart Hopper

David Barnard & James Gleadow

Rob Allum & Chris French

Doug Teesdale & Peter Hollman

Bowling Groups

The Openers:- Rob Allum, Lucius Faisal, James Gleadow, Chris French.

The Change Bowlers:- Darren Tempany, Stuart Hopper, Shayne Rees, Jon Webley & Sam Parkinson

The Spinners:- Matt Holliday, Luke Hollman, Chris Barber, Stephen Richards & Doug Teesdale

The Occasionals:- Peter Hollman, Hugh Teesdale, Dave Barnard, Joe Bennett.

The full rules are on last year's match report FYI as well as helping you understand how it operates & is scored & how it went last year.


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