Pacific v Double Wicket Competition at Wray Crescent  Sat 01-Apr-2017 at 12 noon

The 16 players with most 2016 appearances will receive 1st invitation. The batters will be placed in pairs - highest average partnered by lowest. 2nd highest 2nd lowest etc. Each pair will face 8 overs. The bowlers will be placed in 4 groups of 4 - openers, change, spin, occasional. Each batting pair will face 2 overs from a bowler from each group. Each wicket loses the pair 10 runs from their total runs scored in the partnership with each batter receiving half of their total I.e 60 runs scored, 2 dismissals = 40 runs with 20 going to each individual.

Bowlers will receive 10 runs for each wicket taken but minus the runs scored off them. Fielders will receive 1 run for each catch or run out.

In summary,this works as a pre season competition because nets are no substitute for fielding practice & this format gives each individual 8 overs of batting, 4 overs of bowling, & at least 40 overs of fielding.

Invitations will be sent after the AGM. Roll on Spring.

SO FAR CONFIRMED :- Toby Chasseaud,


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