Pacific v Finchley at Middx Ckt Academy  Sun 05 Dec 2004 at 4.10pm
Lost 120 runs
Winter 6-a-side fixture

Finchley A 175-2, Pacific 55-3.

The line up :- Shayne, Rob B, Rizwan (absent), Vaibhav, John B* & Ollie H (absent)

The Captain writes "we did well with the number of people there. The guys really did work well together and I take my hat off to them as they did not give up - which would have been the easier option. It was a shame that we played three games without the full compliment as we would have done better. To say that I was a little angry yesterday is an understatement (why I left straight away - sorry guys) - no I do not have any information why they didn't turn up. Ollie - stated that he was available the previous Sunday (as did Rizwan) and I asked then to confirm but no signs or replies to my e-mails etc. He said that he didn't know he was in the team, Rizwan - who knows! I would have thought that they would have an idea that they were part of the 'squad' and at the very least would have checked??"


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