Pacific v JP Morgan Chase Bank at Highgate CC  Thu 26 Aug 2004 at 5.30pm
Victoria Park Community Cricket League fixture

From Bob Dhillon, J P Morgan. " as you've indicated the ground is a swamp ...was told last night that the game today is definitely off. Also , no chance of fitting in another date according to Highgate ...apologies but lets sort out an early season date for next year (we normally have a decent side for the first half of the season )"

XI: Rob Bastin*, Mark Herring, James Herring, Darryl Roberts, Vaibhav Puri, Dougal DeKeller, Jonathan Hardisty, Rob Allum, Lucius Faisal, Tony Duckett & Brad Davis.

PH will be bring the book, the ball, the kit, the black armbands & the trophy (& Lucius & Luke).


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