Pacific v Fulmer at Fulmer Recreation Ground  Sat 12-Aug-2006 at 2pm
Friendly fixture

Cancelled. 5 players short. XI so far:- Chris Atkin, Jim Davies*, Peter Hollman, James Smith, Jon Webley, Aroon Korgaonkar.

David Jackson @ Fulmer's reply to my mail below. "We did get your message ref Saturdays fixture and you have my absolute understanding. We ourselves have had to cancel several games due to lack of numbers. Good luck for the remainder of the season and hopefully we will see you again next year. David Jackson"

Sent to their Fixture Sec 9/8/06 "David Due to injuries, unavailabilities, holidays & as many issues that seem to conspire against you at times like this, I deeply regret that we are unable to raise more than 6 players for Saturday's match.

Although I would be hopeful had we had 9 or 10 that an extra 1 or 2 could be found, I regret that from this juncture an extra 6 is beyond the pale. We therefore think it is best for you to have the most time that there is available to you to go through the CCC & pick up up an alternative fixture.

I wish you well for this Saturday & for the rest of the season.

I do hope that this does not put you off reinstating the fixture for next season & I will contact you again in the Autumn re 2007.

Please acknowledge receipt of this mail.

Regards Peter Hollman Secretary Pacific Cricket Club"


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