Too Wet for the Groundsman
Pacific v Bank of England at Bank Sports Grd  Sat 19 Aug 2006 at 2pm
Friendly fixture

The match was postponed when the Bank Captain called at noon. "Peter, Apologies that we had to cancel yesterday morning, but heavy rain on Thursday evening meant the groundsman was unable to prepare a strip.  Despite further efforts by our groundsman on Saturday, further rain on Saturday morning meant we did not have a playable strip.   I hope that you had not got to far into the journey before you had to turn around on Saturday.     Matt"

As John Hill did not have his mobile, he has yet to give his first hand account of the state of the pitch & outfield. "BOE slow M25 2 hours each way. Theit first team had taken over 3rd pitch theirs too wet, 3rd took over our scheduled one."

XI so far:- John Hill, Matt Holliday+, Peter Hollman, Shane Mundie, Matt Patel, Jon Webley*, Jon Hardisty, Moses Hutchinson-Pascal & Paul Charles.


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