Pacific's 9 1/2 wrecks Headstone
Pacific v Parkfield and Headstone CC at Saddlers Mead Recreation Ground  Sun 19 Jun 2005 at 2pm
Won 2 wickets
Friendly fixture

The vagaries of modern communications, an antiquated transport system (let's hope the Olympics aren't held on a Sunday) a blistering sun, a dodgy coin toss (memo to self, must let coin fall off thumb instead of spinning it next time!) and a collection of players fresh from Shane Watson's evening out failed to stop Pacific pulling off a thrilling win somewhere in North West London we were nearly in Watford for God's sake!

Having a late drop out and one player unable to get out of his house for lack of an A-Z a last minute call was made to Jai Rajaraman in downtown Surrey Quays to help the cause. Jai immediately leaped onto the nearest Konkan Express for the great track North. However, as yet another station was closed and the buffet bar ran out of hot chai, skipper Nigel Wilkinson was forced to take the field with 9 players and Rob Bastin's mobile phone. Not only had he to deal with a string of calls at first slip, brring!brring!, "Jai here the Jubilee line's out I'm going to Hatch End"; brring!brring! "Braden here, where's Wembley?", he also had to take a second over slip catch in his arms while keeping the phone aloft.

Luckily, the heat had obviously got to the Headstone players who launched injudicious shots to the searing pace of Cowling and the wicked swing of Gleadow and were soon 20-4. Some spirited resistance was offered by Willis until Cowling cleaned him up in has final over for a classy spell of 2-32 off his full 8 overs. That's one way to sweat out a hangover. Wickets continued to fall at the other end until last man Patel entered. With the sun at last getting through the Pacific players, he and the obdurate Shah started to take the attack to the gasping fielders who were wondering where the second promised drinks break had got to when the skipper turned at last to Kurt Rademaker. Aussie all rounder Kurt had appeared to have a "little flu" and had been rested in the outfield in the hope of being ready to bat later. However, with the skipper suffering from old man's back the ball was tossed in his direction. It only took him a couple of overs to loosen up and which time Jai, the Rotherhithe Express arrived and Kurt celebrated by spreading Patel's stumps asunder.

Jai's day got even better when he failed to pick up any veggie sandwiches in the tea break, but he was rewarded for his great trek with the number 3 spot. He didn't have long to wait as Cowling decided to try to finish the match inside few overs so he could watch Jason Gillespie rip through the England batting and after a quickfire 16 off 13 balls lofted once too often. In came Jai to be met by a ripsnorter from Willis and he too was forced to watch the cricket. In fact everyone on the Pacific team decided to watch the cricket in the club house at this point leaving the batsmen and the two gallant umpires to swelter away on the pitch. It certainly seemed to inspire the Pacific batsmen, Rademaker and Duthie, as freed from crowd pressure they went about careful accumulation of runs until by the half way point they were well above the asking rate.

Once the Pietersen show was over though, the sun and the crowd got to the batsmen. A new and trigger-happy set of umpires and a blinding light and a bumpy pitch conspired to slow Pacific down, until at 145 and victory in sight, the burly Aussie all-rounder Rademaker�s great innings fell at last. Who would pick up the chase and ensure his efforts were not in vain. If only we had a British born South African! With the match delicately poised, Shayne �Kevin� Rees languidly attacked the bowling and with three might cracks of the bat sent the ball to all parts of the boundary. Pacific were home and dry, If a little sweaty."

Man of the Match; Kurt "burly all-rounder"�Rademaker, a superbly paced innings to set up the victory

Packing the kit: Jai Rajaraman, tried very hard, but couldn't find the egg mayonnaise sandwiches

Packing the kit for the rest of the season: Braden "do you know the way to San Jose"�Griggs

Umpire of the match. Jon Brown. It takes guts to finger the Taffs!

Fielder of the day: Nigel "hang on to the phone, I'll just take this catch" Wilkinson (try it Jim�..)

Heavy Manners of the day: Pete "it's a lovely day for cricket" Hollman

PA of the day; Rob "I�ll hold the phone, while you take the catch, sir" Bastin

Treasurer Shayne Rees notes :

"Twas the hotest June day in living memory, and all through the field Pacific players were cursing Captain Wilkinson's loss of the toss and having to field first. But it started very positively with James Gleadow, the reluctant opening strike bowler, taking a wicket almost every over. Ably supporting at the other end was one of those rarest of things, a very economical Aussie bowler!

Catches win matches, as the saying goes, and Pacific took almost every opportunity early on. Bastin demonstrated his was a safe pair of hands behind the wicket, Rees took one above his head at square leg, Wilkinson put his mobile phone down momentarily to sandwich another snick behind between his forearms and chest, and Webley moved some distance backwards to snare a mistimed drive at mid on. Alas it seems it wasn't the day for Australian cricket as Cowling dropped a reasonable chance, a sitter some would say, off his own bowling. Yet despite carrying two aussies in the team, before long Pacific had Headstone at 4 for 20.

Headstone continued to bat postively despite the fall of wickets and their total duly began to climb. Headstone's number 6 bat, Shah, shored up one end for much of their innings and ended up with a valuable contribution of 59 not out. Pacific had looked on track to have Headstone all out for under 120 until tail ender Patel blasted 27 in an 62 run last wicket partnership. Pacific fielders wilting in the heat struggled to focus their killer instinct and even the cameo fielding appearance of Jai 'waiting for a train' Rajaraman did little to plug the flow of fours until Rademaker finally finished the job with Headstone reaching a respectable 165 on a variable bounce pitch.

Pacific started confidently enough as Cowling tried in vain to emulate England's Pieterson aggressive style and was caught having mistimed a drive to mid on. Rajaraman spent even less time on the field with the bat losing his off stump after missing an excellent delivery from Willis, Headstone's tidy fast bowler. Duthie and Rademaker built a solid partnership until Duthie, having survived a close LBW appeal to umpire Rees, fell victim to another LBW call given by umpire Brown. Webley was caught before settling into his stride which brought in Rees. As the required run rate started to edge up to around 5 an over, Pacific wickets fell in quick succession. Rademaker was bowled as he played & missed straight one from Patel, Bastin was run out as he hestitated on the second run, and Wilkinson was caught as he tried to rotate the strike with a little too lofty drive. The remaining few runs were starting to prove as tricky for Pacific to score without losing another wicket as it was for Australia's Gillespie to bowl without heamoraging boundaries. At least until Rees, a British born South African, struck 3 consecutive fours off Jamal to finish on 34 not out, with 2 overs in hand."

XI:- Rob Bastin+, Martin Cowling, Adrian Duthie, Braden Grigg, Jon Brown, Kurt Rademaker, Shayne Rees, Nigel Wilkinson*, James Gleadow, Jon Webley, Jai Rajaraman. 12ths Joe Bennett

Lifts. Cars:- Adrian, Nigel, Jon & myself. If Pat & Luke come, I can take 2 if not 4. Own way:- AD, SR. Match Ball:- Nigel (I dont have any new balls left Nige) Kit:- TBC Book:- RB Confirm w/oppo NW



Parkfield and Headstone CC v Pacific
Parkfield and Headstone CC innings Runs Mins Balls 4s 6s
  Emmott c Bastin b Cowling  2  0  0  0  0  
  Isham c Wilkinson b Gleadow  0  0  0  0  0  
  Tahler c Rees b Gleadow  0  0  0  0  0  
  Rivers c Webley b Gleadow  14  0  0  3  0  
  Willis b Cowling  27  0  0  5  0  
  M. Shah not out  59  0  0  10  0  
  B. Patel c Cowling b Brown  8  0  0  1  0  
  Jamal c Wilkinson b Rees  4  0  0  1  0  
  Sodha c & b Rees  6  0  0  1  0  
  N. Patel b Rademaker  27  0  0  5  0  
 Extras (b 7, lb 1, w 8, nb 0) 16    
 TOTAL (36.4 Overs) 165    
 Fall of wickets:  1-0 [Isham] , 2-2 [Tahler] , 3-8 [Emmott] , 4-20 [Rivers] , 5-45 [Willis] , 6-77 [M. Shah] , 7-87 [Jamal] , 8-103 [Sodha] , 9-165 [N. Patel]
Bowling O M R W  
 Martin Cowling 8 1 23 2  
 James Gleadow 5 1 34 3  
 Jon Brown 7 0 26 1  
 Shayne Rees 8 0 35 2  
 Jon Webley 6 1 23 0  
 Kurt Rademaker 2.4 0 14 1  
Pacific innings Runs Mins Balls 4s 6s
  Adrian Duthie lbw b Willis  31  102  70  3  0  
  Martin Cowling c & b Willis  16  17  13  2  0  
  Jaikishan Rajaraman b Willis  2  8  5  0  0  
  Kurt Rademaker b B. Patel  59  120  86  9  0  
  Jon Webley c & b Willis  6  14  16  1  0  
  Shayne Rees not out  34  0  0  6  0  
  Rob Bastin run out  1  0  0  0  0  
  Nigel Wilkinson c & b Isham  3  0  0  0  0  
  Jon Brown not out  0  0  0  0  0  
  James Gleadow did not bat  0  0  0  0  0  
  Braden Grigg did not bat  0  0  0  0  0  
 Extras (b 6, lb 2, w 7, nb 2) 17    
 TOTAL (38.0 Overs) 169    
 Fall of wickets:  1-21 , 2-23 [Rajaraman] , 3-115 [Duthie] , 4-124 [Webley] , 5-145 [Rademaker]
Bowling O M R W  
 Willis 8 2 23 4  
 Rivers 8 2 22 0  
 Isham 6 1 35 2  
 B. Patel 8 0 36 1  
 Ahmed 3 0 10 0  
 N. Patel 2 0 14 0  
 Jamal 3.3 0 20 0  

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