Sodden outfield dampens our spirits
Pacific v London Fields at Wray Crescent  Sat 16-Apr-2016 at 1pm

After further consultation with Vinoj who is ECB Mdx Prem Umpire who was due to officiate with me today, we believe that under the new ECB GWL (ground weather light) regulations & player safety that todays's match should be called OFF. Sorry. Regards Pete @hollers63 Sent from my iPad On 16 Apr 2016, at 09:00, Peter Hollman wrote: Hello all You may know the ECB are running a campaign - Get a The Game On - so here are my findings & pics & I'll leave it to you. It's wet on the ground & so areas are sodden. The grass while not overly high hasn't been cut & the outfield is uneven & not ideal for fielding. Spikes are a must although the pitch is damp it will play ok I'm sure but the ball will need regular changing once wet. It's light raining at the moment & a light wind & but a 7 degs high will mean it will feel colder & its cloud cover & light rain showers all day so will not improve. Batters may be ok but running will be hazardous & probably for bowlers too especially running off the pitch. It's about as far away as conducive conditions for cricket can be & the fielders will be miserable & cold & have wet feet. All that said if you've got 22 players prepared to go through with it but I wouldn't advocate it personally.


The XI

Paul Davis

Kieran Mullens

Aly Duncan

Toby Chasseaud (Capt)

Sandeep Nair

Aravindan Ilangovan

Sumeet Sharma

Rob Hamill

Navid Chowdhury

Luke Hollman

Sam Howes


Nuggsy has also offered his services if required



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