I regret to inform you...
Pacific v Highgate CC at Highgate CC
Mon 07 May 2012 at 2pm
Friendly fixture

Highgate have CANCELLED the game for Monday due to the pitch. :-(

I must regretfully inform you that the pitch at Highgate is in such poor condition that the match has been called off already.
Hope we can do it next year.
All the best 

Pacific XI to play Highgate CC at their ground in Crouch End Playing Fields. 

  1. Ben Boorman *
  2. Toby Chasseaud (wk maybe)
  3. Vincent Croft
  4. James Gleadow
  5. Oli Haill
  6. Peter Hollman
  7. Tom Ireland
  8. Kieran Mullens
  9. Krishnakumar Pawar
  10. Allan Roberts
  11. James Smith




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