Booneart & Attwood shine in loss
Pacific v Chaseville at Away  Sat 07 Jul 2001 at 2pm
Lost by 16 runs
Friendly fixture

The absence of so many key batters (Tim Mileham - Taunton, Matthew Ralph - Edgbaston, Jim Davies - Bordeaux, Jonathan Campbell – Suffolk, David Murray - Munich, Leon Yates - injured , Steve Lay - injured,) left P's batting looking very exposed.

C 116-8. H Joffe 41. M Boonaert 10.3-3-22-5
P 100-9. P Attwood 60*. I Laney 21-9-37-6

To lose by 16 runs chasing 117 from 46 overs against 9 players, all be it on an inconsistent pitch, is fairly inexcusable. Only 2 players scored double figures for P, & Paul Attwood's 60* was a truly remarkable display of Athertonian style. Despite both Marcel Boonaert & Ian Laney's great figures, surely Paul carrying his bat was the day's most impressive achievement. The final wicket fell with Hollman bowled off the gloves after the ball bounced down & rolled against the stumps with still 17 runs needed.

At 73-8 the win seemed a long way away and following such a freakish dismissal, there were no more batters to help see Paul through following Craig Jones absence due to work. It was Ian Laney's mammoth spell that had taken C so close to the win & he above all had deserved it.

Earlier in C's innings, P lead by Marcel had thought they had done enough picking up 5 wickets - fellow South African , Hilton Joffe (41), was the main stayer for C with some big hitting but when Boonaert clean bowled him only 13 more round were added for 3 wickets. P's fielder took 6 catches, incl. 2 behind from Attwood but the batting performance took away all the shine.

Pacific: P Attwood+, I Lay, L Faisal, M Holliday, R Wenham, S Rees, R Sterry, N Wilkinson, M Boonaert, P Hollman*, (C Jones).


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