Tim On Top
Double Wicket Competition at Wray Crescent
Mon 09 Apr 2007 at 1pm
Won By Tim Vanderpump
Intraclub fixture

What a cracking day ! Weather was superb & an outfield that looked billiard table like from afar was more like a 70s football pitch in April. The thwack of leather on bone was only outdone by the thwack of leather on willow & in Oli's case leather on tarmac as he tore into Jon Webley's least economic spell of the season. More side splitting fielding antics all round as the rust was swept away - even 2006 Fielder of the Season Tim Vanderpump & eventual winner, was wrong footed from time to time.

So the nitty gritty. Defending champ Shayne Rees batted nobly at the end of the day but no one could get near Tim who bowled the best spells of the day & actually saw some catches taken.

1st Tim Vanderpump 31 points

2nd James Smith 19

3rd Peter Hollman 12

Joint 4th Matt Holliday & Lucius Faisal 6.

6th Jai Rajaraman 5

7th Rob Bastin 2

8th Shayne Rees 1.

Then the minuses. 9th Shane Mundie -0.5

10th Darryl Roberts -1

11th David Murray -3

12th Oli Haill -12.5

13th Jon Webley -15.5

14th Sasha Mistlin / Luke Hollman -17.5 (replacing Lahrie Mohammed who was stuck in France)

15th Guy Wiehahn -19

16th James Gleadow -22.5

Over notables. Largest partnership Guy Wiehahn & Shayne Rees 98-4. Highest Net Partnership Jon Webley & Shane Mundie 83-0. Highest Individual score Oli Haill 55-1. Best Fielding Rob Bastin 2 catches & 1 stumping. Best Bowling 3 wickets Tim Vanderpump. 4-0-20-3

Congrats to TV.

OVERHEARD:- "That's it, that's the last over I bowl this season" JW after going for an almighty 6 from OH down Turle Rd to end a spell of 2-0-41-0.

"Ouch!" PH after the ball took an unexpected change of movement upwards & cracking him on the nose in the field.

"You look forward to the season, you have a winter of nets, the sun is shining, & then you remember what it's like fielding at Wray" JS after a serious of fielding shortcomings following more ball travel deviations.

"Mine! Mine Mine Mine Mine" RB making sure he got the point on offer when 9 year old Sasha Mislin top edged which anyone of 5 fielders could have pouched.

"Shayne try and hit this one for six!" JR to SR before the last ball of his spell immediatley before it landed on the other side of the fence.

More JW bowling grief - DM to anyone in earshot "this is the Maginot Line – only it isn’t as impregnable" following Oli's bat flailing cleared Jon's fielding placing of 4 boundary fielders placed at log on, wide long on, long off & wide long off.

Lucius, after playing and missing at a couple of Mat Holliday's floaty twirlers. "I don't care what you bowl this time it's going to go!" before smashing the next delivery for 6 over long off.

If anyone else remembers anything else please let the Sec know.