Lindridge-McDougall Memorial Cup
Pacific v UCS Old Boys at Queens College  Sun 05-Aug-2001 at 11am
Won by 7 wkts

P collected the second trophy of the season having completed the double over their Hampstead based neighbours with an emphatic win & curtailing what was an all day game to completion 15 minutes before tea.

UCS OBs 96-10. Versani 18. M Ralph 11-4-21-3
P 97-3. J Campbell 33. L Yates 27*.

In truth, following the previous day's rain, the toss proved to be crucial, & following 2 high scoring matches in the previous 2 years - both successfully chased by UCS, P Captain was keen to see his stand in opening seamers get first shout on a drying pitch.

Indeed, Hollman had no complaints throughout as from when 3 wickets fell on the score of 42, UCS did not show the aptitude & patience necessary to play out overs & capitalise on the continually improving conditions. Matt Ralph extracted good bounce & away movement (again) & the dismissal of Jamie Ward, a centurion in 2000, for 0 & his brother - Captain Nick, for 0 broke the back of their middle order. Everything went the way of Pacific, Tim Mileham taking a wicket 1st ball with a long hop to return with 2-6 off 4 overs, Hollman with 1-12 off 8 & spinners Matt Patel & Allan Roberts bowling either side of lunch , saw the latter picking up 2. In between , Matt Ralph added to his 3 wickets, incl. a caught & bowled, a fine catch at point & a direct hit to dismiss Leigh Adams. P were simply unstoppable.

UCS got an immediate breakthrough when Lay was dismissed by Rob Johnson for 1 lbw, but Jonathan Campbell celebrating a complete kit(make)over scored a marvellously controlled 33 before a smart catch by Versani off Jamie Ward for 33.

Leon Yates continued assuredly & David Murray returning to form saw the target was reached with little fuss in a little over 29 overs. Reflecting afterwards, Peter Hollman acknowledged that there were 2 incidents which could be seen to have changed the course of the game. At 41-2 Versani, flicked to leg & was "caught" at leg gully by Hollman but although deemed as having bounced first, Versani was out 2 balls later caught & bowled by Ralph, his concentration clearly broken.

In the second innings, Yates early on played one hard into the ground which was "caught" by silly mid off. The umpire ruled a bump ball & Yates held his ground to rumblings from several fielders. However, this incident had a lesser impact as P still had considerable batting to come lead by the formidable Jim Davies - the match winner at Ranulf Rd earlier in the season..

" A fine day, we seemed to take wickets with good & bad balls, & the fielding standard was considerably good & the batting was not put under genuine pressure due to the lowish target. I felt sorry for Nick (the UCS Captain) as everything went our way today."


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