Pitch Work Scuppers Plans
Pacific v Balsham at Balsham  Sat 10 Sep 2005 at 1.30pm
Friendly fixture

STOP PRESS I've some bad news. The match against Balsham on Saturday is OFF. Unknown to their fixture secretary, there are people working on their pitch this weekend. They're also very short of players, so it seems pointless trying to switch the match to another venue - even if we could find one. Unless anyone has any other bright ideas, we'll have to call it off. Can everyone who's down to play Saturday please confirm with me that they've seen this email. I don't want people turning up at Balsham on Saturday thinking there's a game! At least we didn't book into hotels. Those of you playing Sunday - I'll see you then!

Here's how it's looking for the this weekend. Balsham (Saturday): Steve Lay, John Hill, Jon Webley, John Baglivi, Sammy Purcell, Allan Roberts, Shayne Rees, Shane Mundie, Frank Baglivi, Adam Long, Rob Bastin (tbc).

Both matches are due to begin at 1.30, so could we get up to the ground each day by 1.00 please.

For those wanting lifts Jon Webley I think will be going from London on the both days. I can pick people up from Cockfosters on either day and Pete is going from London on Sunday. John Baglivi and Allan might also be able to help. Let me know if you're having problems or if you can GIVE lifts.

Info on the grounds are on the website. Let me know if you want further details. I assume someone has the kit and scorebook and maybe some cricket balls? See you at the weekend. Cheers Steve


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