Numbers go up for Heath but down for Pacific
Pacific v Bentley Heath at Wrotham Park  Sun 28 Aug 2005 at 1.30pm
Friendly fixture

CANCELLED. From the Club Secretary "Nick While your side has been going upwards in numbers ours is coming down. After all our joint effort, I have to come to terms that we cannot turn up at Wrotham Pk with 6 players, 1 of which is injured. None of my possibles have come to fruition & I've even had 1 or 2 supposed "definites" withdraw. Frankly, even my endless optimism is exhausted. Given that you now have a full XI, I think it's best you go to the CCC a get a replacement oppo while there's still time. My most sincerest apologies & hopefully this doesn't taint prospects for 06.

Jeff Please can you pick up or convey in the event that Nick doesn't check his mails on a regular basis. Many thanks & good luck for the rest of the season."

& addressing the Club "I'm afraid that a decison has had to be made so we've made it. I contacted NBW 1st & they do have a full team too & with less players being able to switch to Sunday, that was the game that hit the wall. Unfortunatley for us Bentley Heath did manage to raise an XI themselves in the end BUT our side continued to fall in numbers so it only made sense to cancel Sunday's match. Apologies to those who confirmed - Joe, Chinmay, Jon & Rob, & Nigel, who was part of this decision. If you can let me know about Sunday week, I'll do my best to get you into that XI."

XI:- Rob Bastin+, Peter Hollman, Nigel Wilkinson*, Joe Bennett, James Gleadow, Jon Brown (injured) & Chinmay Marathe. BETWEEN ONE & FIVE PLAYERS REQUIRED.

Start time is 1.30pm so meet at 1pm. If someone needs a lift please make themselve known. Nigel will bring kit & ball. Rob, the book. Details of ground & directions are up on site


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