The Worm Turns!
Pacific v Black Rose of Highgate CC at Broxbourne Sports Club  Sun 28 Sep 2003 at 12.30pm
Won by 5 Wickets
Friendly fixture

Pacific avenged the 234-run mauling they had received at the hands of the same opposition earlier in the season - enjoying a comfortable 5-wicket win in a dramatic reversal of fortunes. An all-round team performance – highlighted by tight bowling and controlled batting – brought victory in a competitive game played in a very good spirit.

Stars of the show were Mike Alexander, John Baglivi and Tim Marshall with the ball – and Jim Davies, Leon Yates and Peter Czabotar with the bat - the Aussie's quickfire 32 not out marking his highest ever score for Pacific in one of his last innings before returning Down Under.

Black Rose 186 All Out (Mishra 95, Tim Marshall 2-22, John Baglivi 2-29, Mike Alexander 2-36)

Pacific 187 for 5 (Jim Davies 54, Leon Yates 39, Peter Czabotar 32*)

Skipper Dave Murray won the toss and – mindful of the Broxbourne wicket - inserted Black Rose on a blustery afternoon. Pacific took the field three men short – due to a delay with Shayne Rees’ car – for once the delay not being caused by the man himself!

Veteran opening bowlers Mike Alexander and John Baglivi made light of the shortage of fielders as they immediately settled into a good rhythm. However Alexander was glad that the latecomers had eventually made it – as he made the first breakthrough thanks to a smart slip catch from Tim Marshall – whose transport problems had caused the delay.

As the bowlers kept a good line and found movement in the air and off the pitch – Alexander’s slower ball tempted a rash shot – the miss timed drive finding skipper Dave Murray perfectly placed to claim the catch at cover.

It was then Baglivi’s turn to make an impression – first bringing one back to trap the dangerous Shah in front for 13, and then moving one away to find the edge and the safe gloves of Rob Bastin behind.

Black Rose were teetering at 33 for 4 – but as in the previous match Mishra remained the dangerman. Having hit an unbeaten 150 at Highgate – Pacific knew they needed to get rid of him quickly – and Baglivi very nearly did first ball as the ball ran off the bat and bounced over the stumps.

However the big hitting left hander was soon dispatching the ball to the fence – Shayne Rees being disappointed to see two blows clear fielders who had wandered in from the ropes but pitch short of the boundary – the second one clearing Tim “Get On the Boundary!” Marshall!

Rees fought back well – but the introduction of Leon Yates’ spin almost paid off as Mishra skied a ball that fell between three fielders – and then was lucky to survive a sharp stumping chance. However the Veteran Victorian then came under the cosh – his two overs costing 32 runs. However Rees claimed a vital wicket as Vinnay was removed by a good catch at cover from Peter Czabotar after putting on 115 with his skipper.

At 148 for 5 and Mishra at the crease - things looked well set up for acceleration from Black Rose. However Murray called on Tim Marshall and Jim Davies – and the burly pair responded by keeping a tight line and length. Marshall – playing in perhaps his last game for Pacific before going back to Australia – bowled medium pace for the first time – and it was he who took the prized scalp of Mishra.

The Black Rose skipper had enjoyed a life off Davies when Peter “The Wiz” Hollman had misjudged a chance in the deep – but Marshall made no mistake with a tricky return catch over his head – Mishra gone for a brutal 95.

The pressure then mounted on what was left of the Black Rose batting – few boundaries were hit and two run outs – thanks to Hollman and Rob Bastin – ensued – along with a second scalp for the impressive Marshall. 186 all out from 44 overs reflected the pressure the entire bowling attack had applied and left Pacific with a realistic run chase.

Peter Hollman blasted two boundaries in the first over – but then almost lost partner Marshall in a run out scare before the Aussie had faced a ball. However Tim’s last innings for the club was not to last much longer as he was beaten for pace by Woodside and departed for a second-ball duck.

Woodside and David provided a testing time for Hollman and new partner Jim Davies and it was vital that no further breakthrough was made. The pair steadied the ship and picked off the odd loose ball – as Mishra juggled his attack giving his bowlers short spells.

Davies enjoyed a slice of luck as Middleton almost got his hands on pull shot that instead went for 4 runs – but Hollman was not so lucky as he got in a tangle to one that kept low from Mishra and was bowled – The Wiz departing for 19.

Leon Yates and Davies then set about constructing a crucial partnership of 85 in only 50 minutes – the more cautious approach from Yates being well matched with the left-handed Davies’ more aggressive style. Davies reached his sixth half-century of the season with his 12th boundary – before Middleton made amends for his earlier miss with a sharp catch a backward square leg off Jay.

There was a small wobble as Craig Jones fell to the same bowler as he was beaten for pace and bowled for a duck – and he was soon followed by Yates for a well-crafted 39 – adjudged lbw off Middleton.

However by now Pacific were well placed on 143 for 5 - and Aussie Peter Czabotar chose this moment to blast his highest ever Pacific score – as he showed no nerves dispatching a selection of bowlers to all parts of the ground.

After bizarrely blocking out a maiden – skipper Dave Murray joined in the fun with a couple of sweetly timed boundaries as the pair put on a match winning 44-run stand. Pacific romped home with 5 wickets and 5 overs in hand – Murray on 15 and Czabotar unbeaten on 32 from only 22 balls.

“A really enjoyable game – especially given the previous result - apparently it was our second heaviest defeat ever.” said skipper Murray later. “It was particularly enjoyable for the four guys who played in that game – especially Pete Hollman who was the skipper! Everyone played a part today – but it was great to see Tim Marshall and Peter Czabotar doing so well in what may be their last games for the club.” he added with a tear in his eye.

MOM – Pete Czabotar – a personal best score to finish off the win for the departing Aussie.

Packing the Kit – Tim Marshall – for being late and for a second ball duck - and also because it was his last game for the club - another departing Aussie!

Black Rose of Highgate CC v Pacific
Black Rose of Highgate CC innings Runs Mins Balls 4s 6s
  Sam c Marshall b Alexander  5  0  16  1  0  
  Woodside c Murray b Alexander  9  0  35  0  0  
  Shah lbw b Baglivi  13  0  26  1  0  
  Jay c Bastin b Baglivi  0  0  6  0  0  
  Mishra c & b Marshall  95  0  71  13  3  
  Vinnay c & b Rees  15  0  38  3  0  
  Peter David run out Bastin  11  0  32  0  0  
  Middleton not out  6  0  15  1  0  
  Russell b Marshall  7  0  8  1  0  
  Rommell run out Hollman  2  0  5  0  0  
 Extras (b 12, lb 2, w 7, nb 2) 23    
 TOTAL (44.0 Overs) 186 All Out    
 Fall of wickets:  1-11 [Sam] , 2-28 [Woodside] , 3-28 [Jay] , 4-33 [Shah] , 5-148 [Vinnay] , 6-164 [Mishra] , 7-170 [Peter David] , 8-178 [Russell] , 9-186 [Rommell]
Bowling O M R W  
 Mike Alexander 14 3 36 2  
 John Baglivi 9 3 29 2  
 Shayne Rees 8 0 39 1  
 Leon Yates 2 0 32 0  
 Tim Marshall 7 1 22 2  
 Jim Davies 5 0 20 0  
Pacific innings Runs Mins Balls 4s 6s
  Peter Hollman b Mishra  19  44  36  2  0  
  Tim Marshall b Woodside  0  7  2  0  0  
  Jim Davies c Middleton b Jay  54  87  56  12  0  
  Leon Yates lbw b Middleton  39  64  53  6  0  
  Craig Jones b Jay  0  9  5  0  0  
  not out  32  35  22  5  0  
  David Murray not out  15  30  25  2  0  
  Rob Bastin did not bat  0  0  0  0  0  
  Shayne Rees did not bat  0  0  0  0  0  
  Mike Alexander did not bat  0  0  0  0  0  
  John Baglivi did not bat  0  0  0  0  0  
 Extras (b 16, lb 4, w 8, nb 0) 28    
 TOTAL (35.3 Overs) 187 for 5    
 Fall of wickets:  1-10 [Marshall] , 2-43 [Hollman] , 3-128 [Davies] , 4-134 [Jones] , 5-143 [Yates]
Bowling O M R W  
 Peter David 4 1 18 0  
 Woodside 3 2 8 1  
 Shah 6 0 35 0  
 Mishra 8 3 33 1  
 Russell 4 1 12 0  
 Jay 3 0 19 2  
 Middleton 3 0 25 1  
 Rommell 2.3 0 18 0  

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