2020 Membership Update
Mon 07 Sep 2020 14:30
Club news item

Due to the delayed start to the 2020 season and the difficulties many of us have had in getting to matches, club membership has been a bit of a grey area for this season. As we now have much improved availability for games, we wanted to make the selection and membership policy for this season clear and to thank people who have paid their subs for the 2020 season.


Members will be selected for at least one game each weekend where possible (which in most cases will be every weekend, but may be trickier in single fixture weekends later in the year). Non-members and new players will then be selected if there are spaces remaining in the sides, with the match manager selecting sides as fairly as possible whilst retaining a balanced side.

Membership Fees & Refunds

The membership fee for the 2020 season was set at the 2019 AGM to be £50. In light of the reduced season, the Treasurer will look to calculate a rebate at the end of the season, the exact amount for which will depend on the club's financial situation. More information will be given about this when we can.

Paid Members

The following players have paid membership subscriptions for the 2020 season:

Jasbir Basi, Ahmed Hussain, Ben Burnham, Toby Chasseaud, Aly Duncan, Tim Garrett, Jon Thornton, Rob Dinsey, John Deighan, Mutz Siddiqui, Will Gingell, Aroon Korgaonkar, Hugo Forrest, James Soden, Ben Stockton, Mark Woodland, Sumeet Sharma, Rizwan Siddiqui & Rahul Ravikrishnan.

If you think you should be on this list, but aren't, please speak to Sharan Timbadia (the Treasurer) to confirm that your payment was received.

Unpaid Members

The players listed on the Players Page who do not appear on the list above have previously been voted in as members of the club, but have not yet paid subs for this season. Payments are still welcome from anyone who wishes to support the club.

New Members and non-Members

New players to the club are not asked to pay subscription fees, only match fees. If a player has played a good number of times over a season (normally 4-5 games) and wishes to become a member, they can be nominated at our annual AGM and a vote will be taken of the existing members. If approved, the player will be added to the membership list for the following season. Players can choose not to put themselves forward for membership, but will not have priority for selection as a result. 

Thank you all for your patience & continued support of the club.