Super Over Tournament Semi Finalists
Pacific v Wapping Dolphins at Victoria Park Pitch 2
Mon 31 Aug 2020 at 3:15pm
Lost by 2 wickets
Victoria Park Community Cricket League fixture

Semi Final of the Bank Holiday Super Over Tournament. Report on full tournament below, hopefully to be followed by a Tom Gane produced highlights video.

The first Victoria Park Super Over tournament saw Pacific hold their own against higher league opposition, finishing third out of six in the group stages with six wins, one tie and three losses before being knocked out in the semi finals by Wapping Dolphins.

Pacific got off to a great start in the group stages, losing only one of their first six despite playing four games with seven men. Latecomer Deighan was fully forgiven when it emerged he had come bearing a bag of Beavertown's finest ales. We thrived on bowling first bowling tight, leaving low targets to chase, with all the seam bowlers doing brilliantly. The batting was very much a one man show, with the Brecon Botham Tom Gane to the fore alongside a variety of willing runners (and Mutz) until JD joined for the second half.

The highlight of the group stages for PCC was an absolute burglary to complete our second win over (division one) Super Rangers. Needing three to win off the final ball chasing 14, Tom cross batted into the leg side for an easy one and a tight two, only for a total fielding catastrophe involving a throw to a keepers end sans keeper to gift us all three runs needed for victory. Recriminations for the fielding side, but a great moment for PCC.

We finished third in the group stage only narrowly behind Royal Tigers and Wapping Dolphins, and played a quarter final against Old Fallopians 2nds - won off the last ball after a good bowling performance from Howes including our only held catch of the day (well done Will).

The semi final against Wapping Dolphins proved a bridge too far as some really excellent bowling from Dudley restricted us to just six runs which Will could not defend despite a good effort.

A great day was had by all, and a surprisingly competitive PCC side toasted our efforts in the People's Park Tavern after watching Royal Tigers win the final (I think we might have been the only team to beat them all day - so very much the moral victors!)

Final stats were:


  1. Tom Gane - 8 innings 56 runs (30 balls) 3 dismissals
  2. John Deighan 6 innings 22 runs (16 balls) 3 dismissals
  3. Mutz Siddiqui 6 innings 8 runs (6 balls) 0 dismissals
  4. Will Gingell 4 innings 3 runs (5 balls) 1 dismissal
  5. Aroon Korgaonkar 2 innings 3 runs (3 balls) 0 dismissals
  6. Rahul Ravikrishnan 2 innings 1 run (1 ball) 1 dismissal
  7. Rob Dinsey 1 innings 1 run (1 ball) 0 dismissals
  8. Sam Howes - did not bat


  1. Rahul Ravikrishann 2 overs 2/19
  2. Will Gingell 3 overs 1/21
  3. Sam Howes 3 overs 1/28
  4. Tom Gane 1 over 0/8
  5. John Deighan 1 over 0/10
  6. Aroon Korgaonkar 0.4 overs 0/5
  7. Rob Dinsey 0.3 overs 0/9
  8. Mutz Siddiqui - did not bowl

One catch taken by Gingell (off Howes) and a lot of run outs (mostly by Mutz)