MEIL League News
Tue 12 May 2020 
Club news item


Hi all,
We responded to a similar question from the herts league we play in on Saturdays so I hope my answers are representative of our committee's views.

The only way we could see the league being meaningful would be if each team is able to play each other once. Otherwise the table gets skewed by whether a team has played against stronger or weaker opposition. If this isn't possible (which seems likely) we would be in favour of playing the games as friendlies but in the same format as league games.

Generally all of our Sundays not in the MEIL league have been filled with friendly fixtures. We wouldn't want to cancel these in order to re-arrange league games. It's obviously possible that some of these might be cancelled with everything else that is happening, in which case we could ask MEIL teams in the first instance.

We already have friendlies extending into September and don't think extending the season beyond this is realistic.

Hope that helps (sorry if it seems negative).


Hi all

Pete prompted me to get around to uploading all of this year's fixtures into play-cricket. An odd task this year, to say the least. Anyway, I have done so now. Please check to see if everything is correct as far as your fixture lists are concerned. I have entered the matches already due to have been played as 'cancelled', for which both teams receive 8 points. 


I've been attending various Essex cricket meetings and there is a policy that has been agreed amongst Essex clubs and leagues that I have copied below. Some of it doesn't apply to us but some does. The bigger leagues are planning to try to have half a season's matches. I'm not sure that this will work for us as we have so few games per year and they are not taking place at the same time. If we do get to restart, I suggest playing out the remaining fixtures under league rules, especially useful for OMCC as a new entrant, but perhaps not crowning any club as official winner. We don't know yet if and when play can restart but it is probably safe to say that July 1st is the earliest likely date. Even then, private grounds may be available before local authority or London Playing Fields Association pitches, different clubs and members within each club may have different views about risk, distancing and so on. It is still too early to say much in detail, and presumably the ECB will make some advice available if it becomes possible to play again. I suggest we discuss this if and when the situation arises.


I hope everyone is OK and practicing with a tennis ball or throwing an orange from hand to hand to keep in trim for any cricket we get to play this season.