Pacific v Archway Ladder at Racecourse Ground, Alexandra Palace
Wed 08 Jul 2020 at 6pm
Cancelled Ground Unavailable
Evening friendly

Hi Peter - good to hear from you - honestly, I’m not sure at this stage, think we’ll have to see the guidelines and then discuss as a club.  I would imagine we’d all be keen to get any kind of cricket in though.

Sorry that’s not more helpful at this point, but will be in touch as soon as we know.

David Goodman


Sounds great, thanks Pete. If we don't start til 6.15 or so it isn't a huge problem -- we can always reduce overs slightly or come up with ways to make the game go quicker (e.g. 10 overs bowled consecutively from each end)

Thanks Dave,


Much appreciated. I have enough interest to suggest that we should try and proceed. Your suggestion re bowling 10 overs consecutively from one end is a good idea. We have done similar for our 16 over league. 


Look forward to hearing from you in the coming months.


Many thanks


Great -- we'll do whatever is needed to make sure we can get a complete game in. Speak nearer the season. Dave