2019 Season Awards Results
Wed 27 Nov 2019 
Club news item

Player of the season

36 votes & the winner is Sumeet Sharma. 2nd with 31 votes is Toby Chasseaud. Next Tim Garrett, Recognised Ben Stockton, Rizwan Siddiqui, John Deighan, Tom Ireland & Mutz Siddiqui.

James Gleadow award for clubman of the year

32 votes & the winner is Mutz Siddiqui. 2nd with 25 is Rob Dinsey. Next Tim Garrett. Recognised John Deighan, Kieran Mullens, Ben Burnham, James Sodden, Rizwan Siddiqui, Ahmed Hussain, Aroon Korgaonkar, George Moses & Peter Hollman.

Most improved player of the year

24 votes & the winner is Tim Garrett. 2nd with 23 Jasbir Basi. Next Sam Howes. Recognised Mark Woodland, Jack Malnick, Tom Ireland, Rob Dinsey, Ally Duncan, Ben Stockton & Toby Chasseaud.

Newcomer of the year

26 votes & the winner is Rahul Ravikrishnan. 2nd with 23 Hugo Forrest. Next Arsalan Syed. Recognised John Deighan & Alex Cannon.

Fielder of the year

15 votes & the winner Toby Chasseaud 

(2nd with 12 votes Sumeet Sharma, next James Soden, Mutz, John D - recognised Sam Howes, Tom Ireland, Ben Stockton)