The October Cup begins
Sat 28 Sep 2019 
Club news item

A message from the Pacific Fixtures Secretary

Morning all 

Having devised a competition on the spurious grounds of wanting competitive cricket outside the “normal” season, today The October Cup begins (in late September!) with Pacific v Strongroom at Wray Crescent.

As of now there is no physical cup, no competition rules and no differentiation should all three sides win one and lose one. I see this as a friendly comp between three local sides embracing the chance to play cricket when it’s still conducive, so see no need to bind or give added credibility as I'm not sure it’s truly needed and I would hope you all agree. Let’s see how the games go and revisit after the last one and see what tweaks if any or proposals raised from findings that can be made to perhaps make it better in 2020.

Enjoy your cricket!