Korgy's midweekers warm up at the India Club
Fri 12 Apr 2019 
Club news item

It was feeling pretty chilly out so the Pacific midweek side were grateful of a good curry at the India Club to warm them up.

Led by skipper Aroon “Korgy” Korgaonkar, the Pacificos met at the Wellington pub for a cheeky beer before heading to the India Club on the Strand, where Indian Independence was apparently plotted.

Korgy had cricket on the mind, having briefly been to the Oval to watch Surrey play, only to see bad light stop play. Midweek stalwarts Antony and Jaime were the first to join him, before Toby and then the famous Ben Snodin turned up. It seemed that the attendees were getting taller and taller as we were joined first by Stockton and then by Soden.

We then popped to the nearby Tesco to pick up some beers, which were unfortunately warmer than the outside air and took our table at the India Club, where a set meal for six was served, along with a veggie dish for Ben. Korgy’s speech deserves a mention too, as we raised a glass to Pacific legend James “Nuggsy” Gleadow, whom we shall all miss

A couple of drinks were had afterwards in the Elysium pub, where tactics for the season were discussed. With a couple of Pacificos due to play the season opener against St Clements at Wray Crescent the following day, and with Korgy gearing up to ride a donkey in Blackpool as his beloved West Ham were playing against Manchester United, the cricketers decided to call it a night, happy in the knowledge that we had at least managed to put out seven players, if not the eight required to stand a chance of winning the Victoria Park Community Cricket League.

Unfortunately Korgy’s Loon Platoon were, despite threats of attendance, notable only by their absence. Let’s hope that when the sun comes out, they’ll be out to cheer on Aroon’s men.