Cue ball lookalike triumphs in pool competition
Mon 04 Feb 2019 
Club news item

In a change of venue for the 2019 season, the PCC annual pool tourney was held at the Harringay Snooker Club on Green Lanes, the same venue that played host to the inaugural tournament 25 years ago. There was a reasonable turn out, although our club policeman - who has a passing professional familiarity with the establishment - was notable by his absence. After an all v all round robin stage, Burnham v Chasseaud and Stockton v McGinnigle lined up in the semis. Burnham dispatched Chasseaud with the same consummate ease usually associated with the skipper’s treatment of anything short or wide, meeting Stockton in the final. The clash of Bens was rather anticlimactic for the neutral, with BB benefitting from a massive fluke to clinch the first frame, and from BS’s potting the black in the second. While BB will chalk up this victory as a vindication of his prodigious tekkers on the Green (Lanes) Baize, Stockton’s only comment, having snapped a murky still of Burnham from the venue’s CCTV system, was to implore the club’s policeman to “catch this wrong’un”.