Burnham strikes the double
Wed 20 Mar 2019 
Club news item

Pacific's final fixture of a packed pre-season schedule came from the hallowed lanes of Rowan's in Finsbury Park, with an altogether different type of bowling. Channeling Trevor Chappell, this ten pin bowling was underarm and generally slow, which evened the playing field for those of us who don't generate much pace overarm.

Ben Stockton was in attendance but sat out, presumably annoyed that bowling back of a length wouldn't work so well. Despite this, we had ten players including one new member, giant Welsh wicketkeeper Rob Birch (christened Hagrid on the scoreboard) and Soden's other famous friend Ed Sheeran (actually a nice chap named Alex).

For the second social in a row, captain Chasseaud was on the lime and sodas rather than any more traditional pre-season beverages, but it was Ben Burnham who picked up his second trophy of pre-season, lubricated in a rather more traditional manner. Highlights included:

  • Mr. Burnham telling us that James Soden 'had a turkey' to general bemusement. Ben went on the inform us this was the bowling terminology for three strikes in a row (what is wrong with just calling it a hatrick?) and Soden had scored about half his points for the evening in three of his twenty frames. 
  • Having split into two lanes, the right hand side proved dominant with Rob Birch, Toby, Shaz and Ben B all managing to break three figures on both games and me (Rob D) letting the side down by scoring only 99 on the second. The left hand lane of Tim, James, Sam, Alex and Chairman Haill were all suitably bashful at being dominated so thoroughly.
  • Shaz's favourite ball finding its way into a bin, and the esteemed treasurer kissing it on its safe return
  • Tim having the sidebars up 'by accident'
  • Ben posing with the winning ball next to his head. One is a hairless, perfectly smooth round surface, used to having fingers inserted into it, the other... (that'll do - Ed)