Pacific v President's XI at Wray Crescent  Sat 07 Oct 2000
Friendly fixture

The final game of the season, the curtain dropper Presidents XI v Pacific fixture was abandoned without a ball being balled as the non stop rain last Saturday meant the game could simply not get underway. Thereby, Pacific's season came to a damp conclusion at Wray Crescent mirroring proceedings 6 months earlier when the 1st 2 matches had to be cancelled for the same reasons at the same venue.

Reflecting on the 2000 Season, Secretary Peter Hollman was satisfied with the outcome despite ending the season with 2 defeats. Obviously, it is disappointing that the season ended in this unsatisfactory fashion, but looking back, 11 wins, 13 draws & 6 defeats is not a bad return. 6 defeats is the least we have endured since 1986. Thanks to the form of Mike Alexander, the return of Jonathan Campbell & Chris O'Grady plus the introduction of Matt Ralph & Jim Davies, we have become a much harder team to beat again. Next year I am confident that we can improve further with theses players & also a fit again David Murray as part of the backbone.

Pacific's attentions now move to dryer yet more competitive arena of The MCC Indoor School League at Lords when the campaign to reach the previous heights of perennial top 4 & cup finalists in 97 is renewed. Hoping to seek former glory, the squad will this year be strengthened by Chris O¹Grady, Matt Ralph & Jim Davies.

Pacific: P Hollman* M Alexander J Campbell J Hardisty M Holliday A Roberts L Faisal C O'Grady S Emmins+ A Galleon R Allum

Presidents XI: Adrian Palmer*, David Murray, Joe Phelan & Matt Sanderson (both Hackney Grasshoppers), Alistair Wright (Crossbats), Colin Pettet (Merryl Lynch), Sarah Barnard (Charts Palace), Kieran Welsh & Vijay Lal (both Citibank), Matt Ralph ( ), Jim Davies ( ).


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