Pacific v Crossbats at Marble Hill Park  Sun 08 Sep 2019 at 1pm
Veterans fixture

Hi Pete Good to hear from you. I understand the issue with finding older players as we too are struggling. So long as we keep it a good social but competitive game hopefully everyone will be happy. From our crowd only Alistair, Malcolm (injured), Clive Lawrence (big injury query) John Gumbley (Aussie may be on holiday) and myself are likely. IF Gums is around we will have our trio of 65+s. However, we have two games this weekend so will shunt the stronger players to the other game.

As Alistair will be captain I imagine he will push for an overs game but generally we leave this to the captains on the day. Particularly if there is a question about balance of sides. But all else as last year, yes standard 11 a side but reserves fine. Same ground as last year, Marble Hill Park, TW1 2NL, I will send map and specific travel arrangements later but nearest station is St Margarets and Richmond is easily accessible. Remember it is an artificial wicket. Tea will be provided. Depending on costs the contribution form your guys will be £40 - £50 (no higher). Should Anir offer to do one of his curry teas I will check in with you first. However, not likely as he has big family commitments at the moment

Drinks in the Crown afterwards so cars parked on the road will be fine where they are. Which leaves start time. Is 1.30 OK for you guys? You are the ones coming furthest so let us know if there are any difficulties. 1.00 would give us more time in the pub. I’ll send you further details a wee prior but do let me know if you have any other queries or if there are any specific dietary requirements beyond a veg option. Alan For Crossbats

Pete That all looks fine and hopefully we will be able to drag a few more vets out of the dark. I won’tknow the dates we can have Marble Hill until mid February. However, we have an excellent relationship with English Heritage and they almost invariably give us the dates we ask for. We had the pitch booked for the Sunday following our game so let’s pencil this in and I will confirm in Feb. Alan for Crossbats


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